About Us

Greater Organization for the Less Fortunate (G.O.L.F.) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization established to help the less fortunate in our community.

What started out as a group of friends playing golf for fun has become a long standing charity.

We raise much needed funds to send deserving students to college through our annual golf outing and Super Bowl raffle. 


What We've Achieved

  • Raised over $2 million for charity
  • Support the Fr. John Smyth Standing Tall Foundation and other carefully selected recipients.
  • Given the gift of education to over 200 students!
  • 100% of the money raised is used for student's college education.  There are zero administrative costs.
  • Contribute to the cost of a Cristo Rey High School graduate's college education
  • Years of memories, friends, and fun!